December 22, 2011

it's CHRISTmas tiime!

Yaay! Jesus is the reason for the season babey!

Tonight is the night for The X-Factor season finale winner! Go Chris!

I have been budgeting too well. No big splurges from anywhere like I used to. My wallet thanks me. The last new buys were MAC's Vibrant Grape & Tease with Ease eye shadows. They mesh well together. Great duo. Get it!

Merry Christmas ya'll & Happy New Year...!!!

October 25, 2011

The X-Factor

what the...!

Instant elimination...oh snap~!

4Shore is gone...screw this show!

San Diego Asian Film Festival

<3 it <3 it baby!!

I'll be there for closing night because the reception will be sushi and sake! woo woo!! =)

October 14, 2011

tv talk

I'm so glad 2 Broke Girls ratings are awesome! That means it won't get canned. Unlike 'playboy' psssh. Sorry I am not a fan of Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes.

2 & Half Men suuucks. How long will they portray his kiddish personality. Oddly, he supposedly had an affair and he's taking on this lady rangling role...hmm.

Anyone watching The X Factor? I am hooked. I hope my favorites go through tonight. I like 4Shore the most and want them to win it. By the way, I <3 <3 <3 Nicole's dark blue drop down dress with spikes at the shoulder. She's fierce! Ha. Oh and I am also rooting for Simone Battle. She reminds me of how Nicole portrayed Pussycat Dolls. Confidence & Fierce. But, haven't seen anything genuine from her...which makes me think she's a 24/7 'b'.

Dancing with the Stars..I stopped watching. Once Kristin Cavallari left, there was no point watching. The Hills was my favorite. Brody & Brody and Kristin look perfect together even if it was all fake.
Here's a youtube video of them as a tribute I found through . cute!

And...I just found out Kristen Storms who plays Mimi on General Hospital has been out due to an illness. Aww poor girl, hope she gets better with all the speculations of anorexia. I remember her from Days of Our Lives... I need to get TiVo to catch up on shows when I'm at work.


September 24, 2011

Hello Kitty Haul

Hello Kitty <3 
This was too cute to pass up! A composition notebook $7.95  & Gel pen $2.50
I tested all the colors on my hand since there was no paper around and the pink turned out really well so I had to get 2. The blue was alright. The others were gold and green and judging by hand swatch I passed on those. I might get the others just to have the collection. =P

September 19, 2011

New Shows on TV....!

'2 Broke Girls' 
It's quick, witty, and I've been watching Kat Dennings ever since her 'Raising Dad' days with Bob Saget....ahh I love Full House!!!

BTW, ' 2 & a Half Men' isn't the same without Charlie Sheen! Ashton acts dumb and slow... meh. Come back Charlie Sheen! All the jokes are from the brother now....

Anyone watch these 2 too tonight?

September 12, 2011

Etsy < 3

Kirra's Boutique

If you have a girl or want to give a cute colorful tutu to anyone, this is it!

This is one of my favorites.
The Rockin Marli Hello Kitty Tutu Set
"The rockin Marli tutu is made with super black, purple, coral, and hot pink tulle. Topped off with a very large hot pink satin bow. Also includes a tank top or shirt with the rhinestone hello Kitty applique on it."-K'sB.
 $36.95 +$6.95 shipping.
That girl can rawk it or what! Haha. You can dress the little one down with the accessories or still look girly without it. Win-win.

There's even one with my KWT colors banner!
Custom Tutu -  pink blue and white~! ok so it might be more purple than pink in my banner...
Great for all sorts of fun occasions or just at home to rawk in. Kirra's Boutique range from tutu, tutu with a top set, tutu dress, and holiday set tutu. They can fit from newborn to 4T. And for all you adults who want in on this too, message her and she can customize larger sizes.

Get the colors you want or already beautifully put together...possibilities are ENDLESS!

September 10, 2011

Selena Gomez Concert = Awesome!!!

Here's a video I took of her singing Britney Spears hits remix. =)

September 9, 2011

>> Past Post from old blog, had to share =)

                              3799 Las Vegas Blvd
                              Las Vegas, NV 89109

 Low-light rainforest theme with jungle disruption. Aquarium at the entrance and inside the restaurant. Family friendly.
 Overall good. My platter- steak, shrimp(coconut fried & ‘other’), veggies, mashed potatoes. My ‘other’ shrimp looked and tasted boring. The mojito was VERY tasty! Perfectly sweet and light.
 Our server began by saying the server after her didn’t show up so she had to take the shift, took our orders, asked how everything was, and dropped off the bill. Blah!
Another server helping out a larger table next to us was more informative talking about the different foods available and all that good customer service stuff our waiter should have done.
                                    Kiim will be there!

September 7, 2011

Pho Saigon & Grill

 Pho Saigon & Grill

    The wooden decor is nicely done with lots of green plants and flowers to accent your arrival. 2 TV's.

     It is their grand opening so I know it won't be I won't hate too much. Having gone to pho restaurants often, I have high standards of what Vietnamese food should taste...the sweetness, saltiness, presentation, etc. Overall food is good. I have had much much much better quality. [I have favoritism at "Pho T Cali" off Clairemont Mesa Blvd.] The Thai boba drink was a HUGE disappointment.[99 Ranch is the best price/taste.] Stick to the boba shops people!

     The young ladies seem genuinely nice. They keep an eye out on you to see if you need to wave them down. Don't expect a full conversation like you might at American restaurants. It's fine. I just need my good food. Thanks.

Hello Kitty < 3

Yes, I am one of those Hello Kitty fans. The September printout calendar is super cute! Hence, the yellow-brown fall season colors theme... Print in color, don't be cheap with black ink. You'll see it everyday so might as well make it look good for these next 20 something days.

If you start browsing thru you might get suckered into ordering something... ;)

September 6, 2011

Etsy < 3

I'll be listing my favorite shops.

Dig around and you just might find something you like. =)

September 5, 2011

Anyone following Bachelor Pad?

Graham is my favorite! He's so cute! He reminds me of that one guy from a Bachelorette season with the 'K-Fed' look...know what I'm talking about? I googled, but, couldn't find his photo.. yeah that scruffy skinny guy with style!

go Graham or Holly!


soap...! time!

This is "Beauty and the Beach" from Soaptopia.

The stock photo wave goes all the way across, this one does a curl.
Orders of $24+, get free shipping using coupon code: LABOROFLOVE
The code ends tonight so scaddadle!

hello blogspot!

As much as I loved tumblr, I am going to try blogspot.

......will be combined into one here.

All my food reviews, hauls, and more!