September 7, 2011

Pho Saigon & Grill

 Pho Saigon & Grill

    The wooden decor is nicely done with lots of green plants and flowers to accent your arrival. 2 TV's.

     It is their grand opening so I know it won't be I won't hate too much. Having gone to pho restaurants often, I have high standards of what Vietnamese food should taste...the sweetness, saltiness, presentation, etc. Overall food is good. I have had much much much better quality. [I have favoritism at "Pho T Cali" off Clairemont Mesa Blvd.] The Thai boba drink was a HUGE disappointment.[99 Ranch is the best price/taste.] Stick to the boba shops people!

     The young ladies seem genuinely nice. They keep an eye out on you to see if you need to wave them down. Don't expect a full conversation like you might at American restaurants. It's fine. I just need my good food. Thanks.

The shrimp roll appetizers were bland and don't you dare dip that into the peanut sauce. They have yet to master that down. Try the fish sauce instead. The menu says additional sauces are $0.50 - so lame! The rolls were big thanks to the shredded lettuce. Barely taste the shrimp. Is it worth the $$ ? Eh, get yourself an entree for that price of 3. They offer 2 for $4.30.

The vermicelli that I am use to loads on the 'toppings' and aren't stingy about it.
*ahem favoritism at 'Pho T Cali' again** The grilled pork was pretty good. No leftovers here...since it was small.

The Thai boba drink was small for it's price -$3 and it wasn't great.

I might come back, but, why would I when I know better is out there?


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