September 9, 2011

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                              3799 Las Vegas Blvd
                              Las Vegas, NV 89109

 Low-light rainforest theme with jungle disruption. Aquarium at the entrance and inside the restaurant. Family friendly.
 Overall good. My platter- steak, shrimp(coconut fried & ‘other’), veggies, mashed potatoes. My ‘other’ shrimp looked and tasted boring. The mojito was VERY tasty! Perfectly sweet and light.
 Our server began by saying the server after her didn’t show up so she had to take the shift, took our orders, asked how everything was, and dropped off the bill. Blah!
Another server helping out a larger table next to us was more informative talking about the different foods available and all that good customer service stuff our waiter should have done.
                                    Kiim will be there!

The lovely mojito.

Is that enough yum’s? ;)

For $18 it was alright.
The hubby wanted just cheese sticks, but, I figured for $8 more we can get variety. The Chimi-cha-cha’s have chicken and a southwest taste to it. Yum. The chicken tenders were just as good as the frozen section. The dip was mozzarella cheesy good. Cheese stix-tasted like every other restaurant out there. It’s a filler.

We were right by the fishys. I call it ‘anorexic lonely fishy’ cause I can see the poor lil guys bones. The other fishes of that same kind were nice and plumpy. This fishy kept hovering in the same spot. Darwinism: survival of the fittest. This lil guy won’t last long. Poor fishy too scared to fight for food and very anti-social.

This was my platter.
My only main complaint was the shrimp. Tasted like it was boiled and tossed into the sauce. That sauce was butterly scrumpcious. Dipped my mashed potatoes in it. Veggies alright. Shrimp coconut yum. Meat decent at medium.

This was his platter. I didn’t try the mahi mahi-not a fan (except sushi). His baked scallops should have been what my shrimps be swimming in. Doesn’t that look good?? It was! Even if it was scallops… Beautiful!
This place had the most variety to pick from inside MGM Grand hotel and moderately priced compared to the fancy places at MGM. We walked around the casino looking menu to menu trying to find a good deal and plentiness. So this sufficed!
Btw if you hear a man and servers echo’ing, it’s because someone ordered a Volcano cake and it’s being brought. A tad too expensive for me. Forget the price -maybe $12?

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