September 12, 2011

Etsy < 3

Kirra's Boutique

If you have a girl or want to give a cute colorful tutu to anyone, this is it!

This is one of my favorites.
The Rockin Marli Hello Kitty Tutu Set
"The rockin Marli tutu is made with super black, purple, coral, and hot pink tulle. Topped off with a very large hot pink satin bow. Also includes a tank top or shirt with the rhinestone hello Kitty applique on it."-K'sB.
 $36.95 +$6.95 shipping.
That girl can rawk it or what! Haha. You can dress the little one down with the accessories or still look girly without it. Win-win.

There's even one with my KWT colors banner!
Custom Tutu -  pink blue and white~! ok so it might be more purple than pink in my banner...
Great for all sorts of fun occasions or just at home to rawk in. Kirra's Boutique range from tutu, tutu with a top set, tutu dress, and holiday set tutu. They can fit from newborn to 4T. And for all you adults who want in on this too, message her and she can customize larger sizes.

Get the colors you want or already beautifully put together...possibilities are ENDLESS!


  1. Hi Kim! Sorry for the delayed reply, my laptop broke and couldn't get online :(

    But to answer your question, these are the brushes out of the Sedona Lace collection that I use the most, I love it:

    Tulip Contour (for contouring the cheekbones)
    Universal Eye Blender Brush (great for blending)
    Pointed Crease Eye Brush (helps with small spaces or for contouring)
    Lip Brush
    Bent eyeliner brush (to apply my MAC Fluidline)